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John Kilgore Proudly uses Alto Red Eagle Clutches

Posi-traction Steels for high horsepower applications.

TH-400 Case Savers

Pulse Wave "Fluid Bearings" Low Drag Front Pump

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The Kilgore Superlite TH400

"Everything works quicker.
The ET's are quicker, reaction times are quicker,
60 foots are quicker,
quarter miles are quicker, everything is faster."
- John Kilgore

John Kilgore Transmissions offers a new three-speed racing automatic that's stronger, lighter and quicker than a C4 and less power-robbing for quicker ET's. This light weight transmission is based on the legendary Turbo 400 but has been redesigned with super lightweight internals to reduce drag and speed-up shifts. The key is in the direct drum that weighs a full five pounds less than a C4's and 15 less that a C6. Though dramatically lighter than the C6, Kilgore's transmission offers as much or more capacity. 5.0 Mustang race application is a snap with the available small-block Ford bell-housing.

Although the Superlite is based on a GM TH400 transmission, its very low parasitic losses make it a natural for the small block Ford Mustangs. It's a must for Super Stock and Stock drag race cars to help them accelerate quicker than ever!

1991 Mustang 5.0

In the Superlite transmission the forward & direct clutch assembles are in one housing, and always rotates with engine RPM. The complete housing assembly weights just 12 pounds and with aluminum steels it can weight as little as 9 pounds. That means it takes far less horsepower to run the transmission, so more power is available for acceleration. This is not rocket science! Less energy used by the transmission and more energy is available to the rear wheels!

Lighter Parts = Quicker Starts

Introducing the new Super 210 Transmission
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11132 Fleetwood St., Unit C
Sun Valley, CA 91352

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