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John Kilgore Proudly uses Alto Red Eagle Clutches

New Products for the TH-400

Pulse Wave "Fluid Bearings" low drag Front Pump, we drill out the large gear to lubricate itself and keep the pump from self destructing in high pressure transmissions. 

$249 per pump with new gears and machined stator.

Pos-a-traction Steels Time saved steels before Kolene/nitrate treatment is done.

We found with Eric Swangs 7 second 3800lbs NOS 72 Chevy Pick-Up that ruffing up the steels keeps them from burning up when the clutch first comes on.  When originally trying to time save the used Kolene steels we found how tough the Kolene coating really is.  We ruff the steel up first, then treat it with the nitrate coating they will survive in high horsepower and torque applications.

$6 per plate.

Case Saver: We came up with the idea in a race transmission to make a tab to fill the gap in the TH400 case for the intermediate/2nd clutch backing plate snap ring lugs. 

 We remove the band anchor pin and install a 5/16 shouldered bolt thought the hole to lock the tab into place.  The tab is now a support when the 2nd gear clutch is on and trying to push the baking plate thought the flexplate. 


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