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Cars Equipped with the Kilgore Superlite

Bruno Massel COPO

Bruno Massel


Ron Folk improved by .15 seconds, helping him win back to back E/SA Class at the NHRA Nationals, using the Kilgore Superlite TH400 3-speed, Alto clutches & Stealy Performance LT-1

"Over 500 passes with minimum maintenance," says Ron Falk.  Because Ron is in Durand, IL and Kilgore is in CA, Charley at Hipsters got the call to tear-down and inspected to find not one worn Alto Red Eagle clutch!  The car is back on the track headed for another 500 passes with the original Alto Red Eagles!  For more details call Ron Falk at (815) 629-2417.

Jameson Sanchez picked up over 3 tenths on his first pass with the FoMoCo SuperLight equipped with Alto Red Eagle Clutches.  Because of the higher torque and horsepower capacity using the FoMoco SuperLight, he can run in the 9.30's with no worries!   Jameson says, "The FoMoCo SuperLight outperforms my built up C4 any day!"


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1991 Mustang 5.0

"I have a 1991 Ford Mustang 5.0. At the time I put the Kilgore Superlite TH400 transmission in my car I was running 9.90 @ 137 mph with a regular turbo 400 trans. After I put the Kilgore trans in my car, my first pass was 9.50 @ 140 mph. That’s .4 seconds faster! I have yet to have any problems with the Kilgore trans and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about racing."
- Eugene DeMaria
To have Eugene work on your car, call him at 818-535-3676

"I made my switch from a very trick powerglide to a Kilgore Superlite near the end of the 2006 series. I was rewarded with a top MPH (154.3) and a top half qualifying position in an extremely tight field at the finals in Bowling Green KY. The performance of this transmission is second to none. Add that with the excellent tech support and you have a winner. Thanks!"
-Mike Curcio
NMRA Hot Street

Hodge at the CarQuest Nationals

Hodge wins A

Larry Hodge Wins Stock Eliminator class at the 2004 CarQuest Auto Parts NHRA Nationals, Route 66 Joliet, Il. Click pictures to enlarge

Larry Hodge picked up his reaction time .040 seconds, helping him win Jeg's All Star Stock Eliminator at Route 66 Joliet, IL. You can reach him at

.Larry Hodge Wins!
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The trans works great! 1.31 60ft @ over 132 mph with a 3700lb car! Second time out with the car (first with your trans)  shows a lot of potential.
Thanks for all your help!
"- Steve Calabro

"Your trans is doing great in my car! Brake release is quick! Shifts are crisp and hard.
Any trans that stays with this car is mean! 8.50's in a 3300 lb car will test any trans.

Thanks for all your efforts in building this light weight Turbo 400. Your trans is at least .05 faster than my traditional light weight 400."
- John Clegg

Click photo for another awesome wheel stand

Dave Cook, Division 3 bracket racer. Has Been using the Kilgore 2.10/1.40 gear set in his TH-400 since 1999.

"Literally hundreds and hundreds of passes, 2 Track Championships in 3 years of points racing, this deal ROCKS! Thanks to John Kilgore for the product and support! "
- Dave Cook

You can reach Dave by e-mail

David Coleman runs The Superlite Transmission.

"My fastest time to date is 9.37 @ 143.6 w/130 60 fts .  The SuperLite with the 2.10 gear set has made it possible for me to go down any track in any condition.(555bbc, 11.1 compression, 3760lbs). I'll keep you posted with updates. . Thanks!"
-David Coleman
"I got your Superlite with the 2.32 first gear installed in my 3600 lb. 1970 Chevelle, first trip to the track we ran a 6.07 1/8th mile,  in similar air (4200 D.A.) the week before we went 6.25. 60 ft. times picked up .06 to a consistent 1.35 and gained 1.5 MPH.  The transmission works great, it did everything you told me it would do, not only does it leave quicker and harder but you can feel the difference in power down track in the way the motor pulls. Thanks for your help. "-  Virgil Perkins

"I have had my SuperLite 400 for 2 years now. It picked my 60ft up from 1.48 to 1.41 and my 330ft from 4.40 to 4.20.  I have went as quick as 10.52 et @ 126.47 MPH @ 3119 alt.  That's flying for that class- C/SA in a 3815# car, 396 cu in.  I had one problem with the trans & John fixed it & headed it my way in one day (no charge) that's unheard of!  You are very easy to work with. Thanks a lot."
Jim Blair
Blair Racing

Kilgore racing transmissions are not only for Drag Racers.

This '57 Chevy truck, as pictured here at, uses a Kilgore Turbo400 transmission. In this case, it's used with a Continental torque converter and an Art Carr shifter. To transmit the power, General Driveshaft made custom tubes for the NP205 t-case. In the article, writer Tom Morr calls this "Probably the rowdiest '57 Chevy around."

Photo by Duane & Darren Elliott.

If you've used a Kilgore Transmission, please email your stats and car's picture to our Webmaster. Thanks!

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